Cincinnati Public Schools

The Approved Technology List is a resource for all employees to determine if the technology solution you are wanting is officially approved for use within the district. This list is comprehensive of all approved technology solutions: audio visual, hardware, software, websites, apps, etc. Review the list first when seeking new technology as all solutions must go through the Application for Technology Initiative (ATI) process first before use.

If the solution is not found, please complete the Application for Technology Initiative (ATI)

To ensure the ATI is completed as quickly as possible remember to:
1. Complete the ATI form in full.                                                                             
2. Submit a separate form for each piece of technology being requested.
  3. Get test accounts from the vendor, if users will login to the technology.
4. Respond to emails from in a timely manner.   

Click on the category name or the image below to view the solutions.

Audio Visual (AV)
(18 Solutions)
CPS Apps
(186 Solutions)
(53 Solutions)

School Apps

Assistive Technology
(173 Solutions)
Career Tech
(60 Solutions)
English Language Arts
(333 Solutions)
Fine Arts
(80 Solutions)
(260 Solutions)

(250 Solutions)
(9 Solutions)
Social Studies
(210 Solutions)
World Languages
(46 Solutions)